Gent’s Approved: Back-to-school essentials for a fresh start

Gent’s Approved: Back-to-school essentials for a fresh start


Published by Gent’s Post on September 8, 2023 



As the curtains of summer come to a close, it’s a telltale sign that the annual back-to-school shopping spree is upon us. We’ve all experienced the frenzy. The anticipation and thrill of strolling through malls and bustling shopping districts, snagging those coveted items from your carefully curated wishlist. But for many, the excitement of returning to the school halls can quickly wane when faced with the practicality of having to research and track down every item on their list. 

19 must-have essentials every Gent needs this fall 

Fear not, folks. From the latest fashion, grooming, and tech gadgets to home decor, our ‘Gent’s Approved’ list of back-to-school essentials will arm you with everything you need to kickstart your new beginning. 


2. Super scrubber by Dotti

If you didn’t have a new sponge on your back-to-school list before, you will now. The ‘Super Scrubber’ by Dotti has been coined as the modern way to scrub. That’s thanks to its all-in-one antibacterial, odour-free silicone dish, surface scrubber and sleek design. Not only is it durable, but it’s long-lasting and sustainable replacing up to six regular sponges.   


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