we're on a mission

Inspiring clean homes and healthy minds

$1 from every order

Dotti is proud to support mental health research and programming. Thanks to our customers we're able to donate $1 from every order to our partner not-for-profits. We release these donations quarterly.

53% boost in happiness

Leading psychological research has correlated clutter and mess with stress and anxiety, discovering that housekeeping has a positive benefit on mental health. Researchers at Clorox polled 2,000 people and found that every hour of cleaning you do each week is associated with a 53% boost in overall happiness.

Founder note

Dotti is so much more than just cleaning. A clean home inspires a healthy mind. Our home should be our sanctuary, but it takes effort to create and nurture that relationship. Dotti prioritizes developing good habits within our homes to support mental health.

Together, we can create clean homes and healthy minds.

xo Rach & Amanda