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The next-gen sweeping duo. Dotti Best Broom & Dustpan is carefully engineered with durable silicone bristles and a high-performance dustpan.

Odyssey: nearly black, matte and ultra sleek.

  • Durable & versatile silicone bristles

  • Adjustable pole length

  • Removable, easy-clean broom head

  • Dustpan features a convenient foothold to reduce bending

The Best Broom & Dustpan is built for versatile, multi-surface use. Easy to keep clean with a removable broom head and dustpan that easily rinses clean with dish soap and water.

Carpet sweeping: excellent for deep cleaning and pet hair removal.

Indoor floor sweeping: wood, laminate, tile, polished concrete and more.

Light outdoor use: excellent for deck and patio sweeping.

Please note: bristles may wear on rough surfaces like driveways.


Max Height: 56"

Min Height: 34.25"

Width: 12"


Width: 12.8”

Depth: 10”

Height: 3”

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Best Bristles

The modern broom with bristles that don't fray or hold dirt and debris after the job is done. The Best Broom's bristles maintain shape, color and cleanliness over time. Carefully engineered silicone bristles that collect large debris, pet hair and dust across floors, carpets and even furniture.


Elevated Dustpan

A thoughtfully designed dustpan with ambidextrous foot plates to eliminate the awkward bend and sweep dance. The dustpan features a comfortable handle and deep cavity to keep dirt contained en route to the garbage.