House Beautiful | The Spring Cleaning Essentials That Have House Beautiful Editors' Stamp of Approval

House Beautiful | The Spring Cleaning Essentials That Have House Beautiful Editors' Stamp of Approval

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Shop & Tell is our latest shopping series, featuring thoughtfully curated home finds from House Beautiful editors. Every week we'll take you inside our carts and dish on what we're buying—and why you should be reaching for your wallet too.


Come March/April, we know everyone hears the words "spring cleaning" ad nauseam. However, it does serve as a good reminder for all of us to finally tackle those dreaded organizational tasks. If you love to tidy up weekly already, kudos to that! For everyone else, now's the time to deep clean your fridge, store away your winter comforters, and switch out a section of your closet to spotlight summer clothes. In order to complete your to-do list, you'll need to have some spring cleaning essentials on hand. Should you need some inspo in this area, House Beautiful editors were eager to share the products they use every day to keep their homes clean and organized.


"Spring cleaning always includes a DEEP clean of the bathroom," assistant market editor Catherine DiPersico says. She plans to invest in this Umbra over-the-toilet shelf, which is perfect for storing all your personal care products. Meanwhile, senior commerce editor Marina Liao is in love with her wall-mounted jewelry organizer, so if you're someone who doesn't want to deal with tangled necklaces anymore, add this to cart. Organizational products aside, let's get down to the cleaning products that actually work. Editor-approved favorites include stain removers from The Laundress New York, Dotti sponges, and Grove cleaning solutions. "Grove's cleaning concentrate is my favorite for their light scents and stellar cleaning power," SEO Editor Kate McGregor says.


As you decide which areas in your home need the most TLC and reassess the cleaning supplies you have on hand, we're here to help. Ahead, shop our favorite products that will make your spring cleaning smoother and easier than ever before.


"Earlier this year, Dotti's female founders came to the House Beautiful office to demo their line of cleaning products. I was honestly shocked to find a sponge could be this chic. I store the sage colorway in my kitchen and the blush version in my bathroom. The scrubbers keep my space clean and beautiful even when they aren't in use. In addition to the aesthetic, I love how long they stay clean for and how quickly they dry. Plus, one scrubber is equivalent to six sponges, so I feel even better about my purchase!"
—Katelyn Lunders, Deputy Digital Editor

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