PureWow | I’m a Total Neat Freak: Here’s Why the Dotti Broom Is Giving Me So Much Joy

PureWow | I’m a Total Neat Freak: Here’s Why the Dotti Broom Is Giving Me So Much Joy




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This might make you laugh, but what makes a quality broom has long been a topic of conversation between me and my dad. He’s where I get my neat freak tendencies—and before him, they came from my grandmother. My dad has always been pro corn-straw brooms—you know, the vintage-looking kind—as the best and most effective option for dry sweeping. That’s why I couldn’t wait to tell him about the brand-new, holy grail cleaning tool I’d found, the Dotti Broom ($85).



What Sets the Dotti Broom Apart?


First, I’ll admit that this is a broom for the Instagram generation. By that I mean that the Dotti broom (and its accompanying dustpan) is pretty. The one I tested is in a sage green color, but it also comes in a matte black that’s so luxe looking you’d be OK displaying it. I’ll admit that aspect of the broom would be a turn-off for my dad.

But that’s what caught me by surprise: The Dotti broom is a case where style meets substance. It really works. Made from durable silicone bristles, the first time I ran it across my already quite clean hardwood floors, I expected to catch a Cheerio or two. Instead, it picked up dust bunnies, the most miniscule of crumbs and, OK, an errant piece of cereal all with a single, low-effort sweep.

I actually have become quite addicted to using it. Sure, I’ll run the vacuum around the kitchen; get down on my hands and knees to wipe the tile on the bathroom floors. But the Dotti broom is just as effective. The proof is in the dustpan.



There Are More Details to Love About the Dotti Broom


The pole length is adjustable, the broom head is removable. That means I can quickly and painlessly give it a rinse after every use, another factor I love. I’ve owned brooms in the past—even the corn-straw kind that my dad adores—and detangling the dust and debris after dragging it around the house often requires the use of my hands, which quite frankly is gross.

Even more unique is the dustpan, which includes a foothold that allows you to glide it around the floor with your foot and sweep floor remnants right into it. No bending down required until you’re all done.


More About How I Tested It


I mainly have used the Dotti broom on carpet- and rug-free surfaces, but it also delivered when I gave a light sweep over an area rug that tends to shed in my living room. (It’s worth noting that the Dotti is said to be useful for pet hair removal, too.)

The instructions say it’s good for indoor use (think wood, laminate, tile, polished concrete and more), but also light outdoor use, although the bristles may show signs of wear if you’re regularly running it around your driveway.


Bottom Line


While $85 may feel like a splurge for a household cleaning product, let me assure you: The cost per use argument will balance that out. The number of times I reach for this product is daily at this point. This feels bold, but the Dotti has made sweeping my home rather fun. Now, the bigger question: Has my dad tried it? Not yet, but you better believe I’m packing it in the car for my next visit to see him.



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